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About  us

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Our Passion

Centered and powered by the notion of love, we are all about empowerment through our craft. We are dedicated to let everything we do be done in love. This means that we will hone our craft with passion, assist you to the best of our ability, listen with our heart and completing every assignment with our 100 percent. Weddings are one of the most intimate days of our lives and our team of experienced artists are ready to support you and ensure that you are the most beautiful and blessed!

Our lovable team consist of Principal Makeup Artist Kelly and our friendliest team of associates who works with us on a freelance basis! You can check out our packages and rates here!

Our Identity

Fuwartistry stems from the word "Fuwa" and "Artistry". 

The word "Fuwa" was originally found by our principal artist Kelly when she wanted to name her personal Instagram with something related to cats. Hence she translated "fluffy" into Japanese words that led to the word 'Fuwafuwa". 


 Formerly known as "Thekellymakeupartist" , one day it occurred to Kelly that to better serve her client, she would need a new business strategy to cope with the increased demand of makeup services. It was truly coincidental that Fuwa in mandarin could mean blessed dolls (福娃) and this really reflected on how she envisioned her company to be ; where clients who come to us are all blessed and we would doll them up for the day.

Our Logo - A woman holding a feline.

A woman lovingly embraces her cat is a symbol of how woman should embrace femininity, elegance and grace. Our job will be to help you express these beautiful traits visibly with the makeup and hair that you will be wearing. Our hope is that one day when you look back at your wedding photos you will always be reminded just how beautiful you are!

This is inspired by the visual of our principal artist and her adopted white cat.


Feline symbolises femininity and elegance.

More specifically white cats represents rebirth, happiness, money, prosperity, healing, spirituality and even tolerance. 

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